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FontReach scans the top million sites to show font usage across the web.

FontReach crawls the top million websites (based on Alexa), and surfaces data about font usage across the web. It allows us to answer questions like, How many sites use Proxima Nova? I hope others will be delighted to see trends in the fairly uncharted world of web typography.

Made By: Jesse Chase and Jason Chen.

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The 25 most admired typefaces by typographers


Over four years and across eight issues 8Faces magazine interviewed 64 world-renowned designers, including; Erik Spiekermann, Jessica Hische, Michael Bierut, Nina Stössinger, Mark Simonson & Seb Lester, plus owners of respected type foundries such as, Font Smith, Type Together and Process Type. Here are their favourite. 

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2015 Typography Books

New typography books? Yes please.

365typo from Etapes.

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Type Foundries Today

Great read about the evolution of type-foundries. A report that aims to contribute to existing information about the state of the digital type industry by presenting a deeper, more factual examination.


Written by Ruxandra Duru
Designed by Chris Hamamoto
Edited by Caren Litherland and Stephen Coles
Published by

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Type and Media 2015 launches


TypeMedia is an intensive one year master program held at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in The Netherlands, that gives participants the possibility of delving deeper in the field of type design. At TypeMedia, students work intensively in small groups under the guidance of expert and enthusiastic teachers from the permanent and visiting faculty. Courses include calligraphy exercises, stone carving, non-latin scripts, the creation of typeface revivals, Python programming, the usage of state of the art font editing software as well as sketching techniques all leading up to the creation of new letters. The original typeface families exhibited on this website are the result of the final four months of the course. For more information, please visit the TypeMedia website.

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Frere-Jones launches Mallory

Tobias Frere-Jones launches his first commercial typeface since splitting with Hoefler. Meet Mallory. - Promoting awesome designers since 2011.  E.U.L.A.  About & Contact  Newsletter

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