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The Avant Garde Magazine Archive

Every issue of Lubalin’s Avant Garde magazine is now digitized and online.

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Alan Kitching x Monotype

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How Ink Is Made

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Script Fonts book

On the 4th April, Laurence King are releasing Script Fonts by Geum-Hee Hong, a wonderful resource for graphic designers.

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Type Lettering on Packaging

It's definitely a trend within the alcohol industry on choosing this style of branding and we're nothing but happy to see what these awesome designers are coming up with. Enjoy!

BONNIE & CLYDE Gin by Bert Heynderickx.

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Talking Design with Adrian Shaughnessy

Follow Mr Shaughnessy on Twitter. Found via Sublime.fyi

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Mike Monteiro: Keynote

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Alan Peckolick interview on Huffington Post

Alan Peckolick Typeverything

How To Fall In Love With Letters, According To A Typography Icon: Alan Peckolick, an interview on Huffington Post.


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Mike Meyer: Man with a Brush

Filmmakers Joe Wheatley and Adam Jones delve into the resurgent art of painting signs and lettering for buildings and billboards, with one of America's foremost sign painters, Mike Meyer, in Mazeppa, Minnesota.

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Tyrsa on Typeverything!


Following up on your suggestions, Alexis Taieb aka Tyrsa is our first guest in a series of type interviews on Typeverything, where you’re asking the questions. So let’s start!  Read more

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The 25 most admired typefaces by typographers


Over four years and across eight issues 8Faces magazine interviewed 64 world-renowned designers, including; Erik Spiekermann, Jessica Hische, Michael Bierut, Nina Stössinger, Mark Simonson & Seb Lester, plus owners of respected type foundries such as, Font Smith, Type Together and Process Type. Here are their favourite. 

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