Founded by Andrei Robu in 2011, we are an independent platform for promoting talented designers or studios around the world. Our team of contributors are amongst the most popular designers of the moment. We thrive to inspire you with our work and feature only the best work. After 6 years since it was lauched, we decided to create a market place for fonts and other digital goods to help designers find better tools for their work.

Typeverything is curated by a group of friends: Andrei Robu, Dan Cassaro, Dominic Le-Hair, Ged Palmer, Jeff Rogers, Jeremy Pruitt, Maia Then, Neuarmy, Tom Lane, Sean Freeman. As we're always inviting new people on board, I'd like to thank the people that were part of the our team in the past: Craig Ward, Dana Tanamachi, Darren Booth, Jessica Walsh, Ryan Feerer, Mary Kate McDevitt, Matt W. Moore, Simon Ålander, Neil Summerour, Luke Lucas, Ryan Hamrick, Sawdust.


Andrei Robu: "I've been supporting talented designers since 2005 when I published my first blog, during this period of time, I noticed how type lettering was making a comeback, and when too many of my posts were about type, I decided this needed it's own place. Typeverything came to life around 2010 and since then we became the go-to when in need for a good lettering artist or just inspiration."

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