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Fitzroy Display was designed for The Fitzroy building designed by Roman and Williams and currently being constructed in New York. The name is taken from the Fitzroy Road that ran through West Chelsea in the late 20th century. Inspired by the iconic art deco style in the zeitgeist of New York architecture, Fitzroy Display offers a modern take on deco by combining gentle curves and edges inspired by art nouveau.
Ideal for luxury, retail, architecture, fashion or boutique brands in large or small application. Fitzroy suffuses with opulence and gravitas from a begone era made modern once again.

Designed by Kevin Cantrell and Andrei Robu
Available in 5 weights.
Opentype features - .otf files
Latin wide - 425 glyphs per weight

Introductory offer: 49€ per weight or 99€ for the full family (5-weights). Save up to 145€ for a limited time.

Licensing options:
Desktop 1 Device
Desktop 2-5 Devices (recommended for Studios)
App - Ebook
Broadcasting (for TV shows & Movies)

Please contact us for more licensing options.

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