On the 4th April, Laurence King are releasing Script Fonts by Geum-Hee Hong, a wonderful resource for graphic designers.

Script fonts and their cousins have taken foundries’ bestseller lists by storm, bringing personality and authenticity to printed material of all kinds, from business cards to flyers and packaging to adverts. Whether they suggest a pen or brush, graffiti or punk, incorporate naïve, childish curlicues or clever typographical technology – as in the ubiquitous ‘Zapfino’ – these retro fonts evoke another age.

This guide to the script fonts classifies them according to both stylistic era and the tools whose distinctive appearance they borrow. It is richly illustrated with over 100 examples of the typefaces as used in manuscripts, on posters, in advertising and other graphic design. The book includes elegant Italian and French cursive scripts, English script fonts, expressive marker fonts, brush and swash fonts, deko and freestyle fonts, but also curiosities like the digitized handwriting of famous presidents or Paul Cézanne. 

An accompanying CD includes further information on suppliers and designers, as well as 122 free fonts to download!