It's definitely a trend within the alcohol industry on choosing this style of branding and we're nothing but happy to see what these awesome designers are coming up with. Enjoy!

BONNIE & CLYDE Gin by Bert Heynderickx.

Yellowstone Bourbon by David Cole

Two James by Stranger and Stranger

American Royal Mead by Grant Gunderson

Oak & Palm Rum by Grant Gunderson

Designed by Sure, with lettering by Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzari.

L&W PINOT ROSE by Chad Michael Studio

St. Laurent Gin by Chad Michael Studio

Business cards by Chad Michael Studio

Promineo by Chad Michael Studio

Bib & Tucker Bourbon by Studio32 North and Tom Lane.

Orphan Barrel by Kevin Cantrell.

Fat Boy Whiskey by Deluxe Interactive.