Typeverything is a type-foundry focusing on display fonts, founded by Andrei Robu in 2011. We work as a group of independent type designers striving to create the best tools for your projects. Trusted by studios and brands around the world. For more information or licensing options please contact us at info{at}typeverything.com

Please make sure you read our End-User License Agreement explaining our licensing model. 

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Do you offer trials? short answer is No. Longer answer: Like every person involved in your project, type designers should get paid too when fonts are used in pitches or internal presentations. The fonts will either win you a project or the brand will figure out what works for them, in both cases there is value in using good fonts.

If you represent a studio or company and you want to test our fonts, we recommend getting a Desktop1 License. You get non-commercial rights to use the fonts for internal presentations & testing. Most of our Desktop1 families are just $99, so you get to test full feature fonts for around $10 per font weight. We think this is a very affordable fee and you get to support the type designers too. Whenever you decide you need usage rights for your license, you can upgrade it and we will refund your initial purchase. Just let us know.


How many devices/users do I need to buy?

The Desktop1 license is a discounted license intended to support freelancers and sole traders. This license gives commercial rights only to independent designers/users that are not part of a studio/company. This license cannot be shared between multiple people or devices.

By purchasing the Desktop 1 license as a Studios / company you get non-commercial rights to use the fonts for internal presentations & testing. Studios please purchase a Desktop 5 or higher to get usage rights.

Please don't share the font software with third parties like your printing house or your clients. They need to purchase the font separately to own the license.

Tip: If you need more than one font we recommend you to get a Gumroad account so you can buy multiple products at one time and to get later access to your online Library for re-downloads or updates.

Quick License information (for the detailed information read our EULA):

Desktop License: A simplified Print only License, you can use it for Branding materials, Publications and everything that is printed on paper. Limited to the user count. The one-user license cannot be shared between multiple people or devices. (This license is not including Logotype usage rights, see below)

Social Media License: Usage for static posts and simple banners. Limited to the following count and per account. If you create posts with the fonts inside "campaign videos" (or animations) then you need a broadcasting license.

Logotype License: For logotypes (brand marks or campaign titles). Limited to the client's company size (number of employees). It can be paid either by the client or the studio. The Full Family Desktop5 and Desktop10 both include a logotype license up to 5 and 10 employees. For individual weights we apply the formula $50 per employee. Please get in touch for a quote, we usually reply the same day.

Web License: Pay As You Go - meaning that you’re buying a specific quantity of page-views and once that quantity has been used up, you’ll have to come back to add more views. 

Use it for titles on your website, online presentations. Limited to 1 website and 50k page views per month. Contact for more.

App License: Use it for titles or text inside the app for an unlimited time. Limited to one app per license. The same app tile on different operating systems can share the same license. 

Broadcasting License: Use it on Movies, Social Media, Games, Video/motion Advertising inside and outside of the home. Limited to one medium per license. Pay Yearly.

Sellable goods: Use it when you're making goods for sale (NFTs, T-shirts, Objects, Devices, Wooden Letters, etc.) and where the font is the main focus of the product. Limited to products count. Pay Yearly.

Contact us for a quote if you need more users or more page views.