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Cham is a display font based on the fascia lettering on Coleman's Fireproof Depository (c.1875) on Northumberland Street in Liverpool. The family contains five weights & widths. Unlike a typical sans-serif type family each has a different structural logic based on its size and style originally rendered on the building. In print and digital this creates a diverse but cohesive font. Also included are a range of 'Arts & Crafts' style alternate characters which make reference to the time when Coleman's Fireproof Depository was built.

Designed by Lewis McGuffie.

Starting at 49€ 


Desktop 1 (for freelancers or solo traders)
Desktop 5, Desktop 10 (for companies)
App - Ebooks - Webfonts - Sellable Goods
Broadcasting (for TV shows & Movies, SocialMedia)
Logotype (Size of the company)

Please contact us for more licensing options.

Cham font designed by Lewis McGuffie for typeverything.com
Cham font designed by Lewis McGuffie for typeverything.com
Cham font designed by Lewis McGuffie for typeverything.com

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